My name is Samantha Anderson and I am a qualified Mothercraft Nurse. I am also the founder of Baby Logic.

For over 25 years I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with newborns, infants and their families throughout the world.

During my years of caring for children, I often found myself helping fix 'sleep' problems with toddlers and although I was helping my clients and their baby get the much needed sleep they were desperate for, I knew that there was a better answer for both toddler and parent - it begins at the early stages after birth.

The idea of Baby Logic came to me after I helped families with their newborns while I travelled the world. I found myself helping new parents adjust to their new roles as they gradually learnt more about their baby. I was there to take out the guess work helping them to recognise what their baby needed before their baby began to cry. 

At Baby Logic we believe that by implementing the foundations of a gentle routine from birth and throughout the first 16 weeks, we can help you move forward. With a little sleep, some badly needed tender loving care and some education about your baby, we give you the skills and a simple framework to easily jump over the hurdles of parenthood - leaving you calm, wise and relieved without the need for fixing sleep problems as your baby grows. 


We offer a range of different services and will assist you and your new family. We promise you that with our help, we will reduce the stress and anxiety during this rewarding and exciting period.