At Babylogic we recognise that more and more new parents have less support and have escalating problems with their newborn that when left unattended make for a very desperate and tired parent. Our responsibility is to guide and support you, helping you adjust to your new role as a parent and give you as many tips as possible along the way. We promise to do everything to make becoming a new parent as easy as possible for you.


What You Can Expect

Assisting parents with newborn skills

Establishing a daily routine

Sleep and settling techniques

Assisting with breastfeeding problems

Assisting with bottle feeding and sterilisation

Assistance with expressing and breast milk storage

Assist parents to differentiate between babies cries

Education related to newborn care

Developmental guidance

Health and nutrition

Sleep guidance/Sleep problems

Reflux management

Sam you are magic! You have really helped our little family cope and just knowing that you’re available for me to call for help at any time is such a relief.
— Paige Marsden/Clarke

What We Achieve

The steps that we follow help recognise the early problems that parents face. We take the time to understand our client’s long-term parenting goals and create a personalised routine that will successfully guide them through the early stages of parenting.

At Baby Logic, the 5 key problems we help ease or eliminate for all new parents are:

  • Reflux and Colic issues with newborns
  • Breastfeeding and Lactation problems for Mum
  • Lack of knowledge about baby
  • Sleep deprivation for everybody (parent/s and child)
  • Postnatal depression 

We identify potential difficulties with newborns, outlining possible causes for parents and baby, and provide the solutions to these issues.

We offer education and corrective solutions for postnatal issues (i.e.exhaustion) that are offered in-house and via Skype.

Parents don’t receive an instruction manual with their newborn.

We provide the foundations for that.