Please read some of the testimonials from new parents that we’ve helped.

"It was so reassuring when Isabel was born to know that Samantha was just a phone call away to answer my endless questions about breastfeeding and settling Isabel to sleep. I struggled a lot with breastfeeding, and Samantha guided me as to the best techniques and ways to encourage Isabel to feed properly. Unfortunately, Isabel never did take to breastfeeding, but Samantha was the first professional voice to say to me that it was ok that Isabel was a bottle feed baby, that one comment lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and removed the fear that I was failing my daughter. Samantha's presence made everything so much easier and less scary for a first-time mum!"

- Shannon


"Sam you are magic! We were having problems with our little boy regarding self-settling/sleeping through the night. We had put ourselves into some really bad habits which Sam helped us change. She also managed to pinpoint the reason why my son wasn't settling or sleeping through the night properly; he had a lot of wind issues. She gave us great tips and advice to help soothe and calm in preparation for bedtime which has eventually lead to a happy baby and better routine. He now sleeps through the night when he isn't teething… Sam you have really helped our little family cope and just knowing that you’re available for me to call for help at any time is such a relief. Will recommend you to everyone! Thank you.”

 - Paige Marsden/Clarke


"Our family utilised Sammi's services to help us with our first child. Originally we had planned on having someone assist just through the night, but we quickly realised the benefits of having a maternity nurse with years of experience on board to help us navigate this special yet challenging time. Sammi provided us practical help as well as the confidence to continue on with the plan once she left. During her time with us, she helped with many new baby necessities. She reorganised our child's nursery, making it more user-friendly for a sleep deprived mom. She helped make sense of what products were essential, versus those that were just nice to have, which saved us time and money in the sea of ever-changing baby products. She also single-handedly assembled all of our strollers, bouncy seats and baby gear giving us a tutorial on how to manage all of our baby equipment. Most importantly Sammi established a practical sleep program for our infant that led to healthy long-term sleep patterns. This was an invaluable lesson that we could not have learned in a class. The experience and support we received paved a path of lifelong healthy habits. We still use many of the techniques Sammi taught us six years later with our third child." 

- Carin and Mitchell Resnick, American expats living in London


"I am writing this from the perspective of a grandparent who happened to be in Australia upon the arrival of our new granddaughter Isabel. Isabel, as a newborn had great difficulty with breastfeeding. It was frustrating to both her and her mother as Isabel couldn't get sufficient milk and it was extremely painful for our daughter. As a last resort, we called upon Samantha, who we had known for many years, because of her extensive experience in dealing with newborns in Australia, England and USA. What was amazing was Sam's ability to assess the situation quickly, not make any judgements and offer a variety of solutions which immediately reduced our daughter's anxiety level. Not only did Sam offer these options but she stayed with our daughter while she experimented with them to find those that best suited Isabel's wellbeing. After Sam’s initial contact, she kept in touch and dropped by several times to ensure that all was well. Our daughter never felt judged and eventually opted for a combination of breast milk and formula. Sam was a constant source of support and greatly helped the new mum become a confident parent. Thanks, Samantha, you have incredible skills and should put these skills to use in assisting new mums.” 

- Lynda Ellis - Isabel's Grandmother and Shannon's mum