in the bEginning

Beginning a new journey as a parent is exciting and magical, but it can also be overwhelming. What books to buy? What products to buy? So many questions! We are here to make those issues a whole lot easier. We will do all the research for you and help you with all your needs. We will ask a few questions regarding your lifestyle, likes and dislikes and from your answers, we can decipher what products would best suit you and your needs. We can help you set up a baby register, list your necessities and tell you about the products that aren't really that important but are nice to have if you wish. We can then take you to recommended stores or alternatively assist with an online shopping experience. It’s your choice! We can recommend products that have our seal of approval - after 20+ years in the industry, we certainly know what works and what doesn’t! 

Our 'Beginning' service also comes with two extra special services. We can help to set up your nursery - some parents like to do it themselves, some love the extra hand! Personally, we think that this is the fun part! Secondly, we will come to your home within a few days after you return from the hospital with your new baby. Our role will be to help establish a good feeding and sleep routine and teach you what you need to know about your new baby giving you the reassurance and knowledge you need.

the sleep deprived parent

This one says it all. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture! Not all parents need a problem to be solved but we often find that some parents just need a night off to gather their thoughts and get some much-needed rest. We will come and spend the night with you and feed your baby so that you can get a full nights sleep. Some parents prefer an expressed bottle of breast milk, others prefer a bottle of formula and then there is also the option of bringing baby to you when they wake - you feed and we do the rest so that you can resume your slumber as soon as possible. You can even take a long hot shower or do whatever you need to help you feel ‘normal’ again.  Enjoy more time with your baby and sleep well. If you want our help with your new baby, then contact us today at BabyLogic. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trouble shooting

We can call and speak to you at length on the telephone or via Skype. We will take a full history of your baby and any problems you are experiencing. We will occasionally ask you to keep a diary for 48 hours before we come to your home for a face to face consultation which lasts about one to three hours. We will leave you with a detailed plan moving forward and continue to work with you through ongoing telephone conversations or email (your choice) until the specific problem is resolved. This option works really well when you wish to solve the problem yourselves. We will provide you with lots of practical advice and encourage you to throughout the process.

preventAtive measures

The process that we follow helps to recognise the three key problems parents face very early on. In our experience, both feeding and reflux problems are increasingly common. By providing in-home support from birth, we identify these early signs and provide assistance, guidance and education to rectify the issues. This service and a little rest for our clients offers the perfect start to life for baby and parents.

Over the next 4 months, we will help you to establish a routine that suits both you and baby. We strategically place ourselves in your home for a few hours, every few weeks, aiding you and ‘tweaking’ routines to establish great sleeping habits for your baby while providing plenty of great tips along the way and answering any queries you may have. In essence, we offer preventative solutions to common newborn baby problems.


We will visit you shortly after you come home from hospital with your newborn within the first few weeks. We will be there to help establish a good feeding and sleep routine (establishing a gentle routine is important within the first four months) and teach you all you need to know about your new baby. We will then spend the night and either bring the baby to mum for breastfeeding during the night or bottle feed your baby so that you have the chance to recover completely from the birth. This is a vital support system for all new parents and especially those who don't have family support close at hand or for a mother who has had a caesarian or multiple births. A comforting presence and a willing pair of hands at 3am in the morning can make an enormous difference for new parents.


Welcome to our newest venture, troubleshooting workshops. We understand that in today’s economic climate that not everyone can afford one-on-one help for common baby issues that may occur as your precious baby develops. We can offer you and up to 5 of your friends (or 5 couples) workshops on troublesome topics such as sleep issues, reflux, breastfeeding, and most importantly establishing routines. We bring our workshops to the comfort of your own home, where you will feel relaxed and comfortable enough to discuss some of your issues. Please call for more details if you are interested. Let us help you through this new and exciting time in your life so you can enjoy more time with your baby.

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